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Enhance Fitness

Use code CRUNCH2023 for FREE session, and up to 3 FREE sessions added to packages.

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At Enhance, we're all about making fitness personal - because, let's face it, one-size-fits-all just doesn't cut it. Our goal is to improve your health and wellness with data and technology by measuring, testing, and studying results. That's where our app comes in, a globally unique software solution designed to empower you with a results-driven approach. And the best part? You can train with us at any time, from anywhere - whether from your home, weekend getaway, or any of our partner gyms. Our ultimate aim is to make fitness accessible to everyone, and we offer unbeatable prices to make that happen!


  • 1 Free Personal Training session allocated on registration (valued at AED269)

  • 2 FREE sessions added when you purchase a pack of 12 PT sessions

    (valued at AED538)

  • 3 FREE sessions added when you purchase a pack of 20 PT

    sessions(valued at AED807)

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