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We are a community for driven women. 

Crunchmoms is the first and only dedicated professional platform in the Middle East for women at all stages of their career and motherhood. 


We define a crunchmom as a woman driven by success, understanding that it’s all about balance and boundaries. We created Crunchmoms to help all women - moms and aspiring moms - find time and space to invest in themselves and be confident in their careers.

We want to help every mom define success on their own terms.

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Connect with inspiring women who lift you up.

If you’re seriously considering a new job, we’ll invite you to exclusive talks for career-enhancing tips and tricks and introduce you to other moms who can help provide the boost you need. If you want to open your own business and be your own boss, we’ll connect you with our star startup moms. If you’re working in the office while juggling your family around the clock, we’ll provide tips and tricks to help you stay focused.


We’re all at different stages of our career and motherhood, and can guide one another through this together.

- Julie Nguyen, Founder


We will grow your network, help you find clarity, and take you where you want to get to next in your career.