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Community Guidelines

All our members have to follow a few ground rules that are mostly centered around common courtesy, professionalism and mutual respect. To avoid misunderstandings, we’ve listed them out here:

We welcome all opinions

The only thing we’d like you to be mindful of is how they are communicated. Aim to avoid offense and be empathetic to other members.

Watch your language 

We all feel passionately about certain topics, but remember that comments on social media are public. If you won’t say something in person, it doesn’t belong online either. Any content, links, and comments deemed inappropriate may be removed at any time.

We have zero tolerance for harassment 

Avoid being defamatory, insulting, abusive, obscene, offensive, racist, or discriminatory in any way. If you’re based in the UAE, there are strict online conduct laws and we reserve the right to ban or block members who behave inappropriately. 

We are a community

We’re here to support each other. We encourage give-and-take relationships, whether that's sharing time, energy, mentoring, contacts, jobs, positivity, skills, and more. Our members come from diverse backgrounds and nationalities, but they are all committed to forming positive, professional relationships, built on mutual respect.

Don't aggressively sell or promote 

Talking about and requesting help for your new business or career is encouraged among members, but aggressive sales tactics are not. When in doubt, reach out to the Crunchmoms team and they can advise.

Respect member privacy

Always ask permission before sharing another member’s personal and contact information, and avoid discussing details of private conversations. We’re a safe place for moms and aspiring moms, and we want to stay that way.

Be aware of copyright issues

We respect your intellectual rights, and we hope you’ll do the same. All our public Crunchmoms content – think blog articles, official event photographs, social media posts, etc. – can be shared freely only if clearly attributed. Please avoid using our content to promote other initiatives, companies, and events without permission. If you’d like to discuss brand collaborations, email

Crunchmoms reserves the right to issue warnings when members violate any of the above. Members with repeated offenses may be removed from the community.

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