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Get the full access membership, billed annually


Full Access

Explore the Members Area Platform and connect with our highly vetted network of like-minded members and partners.


Group Chat 

Engage with other members in our exclusive group chat for real-time connections and support.



Enjoy unlimited access to both online and in-person events designed to empower and inspire.



Choose from expert parenting, business, or career coaching tailored to your needs.


Business Directory

Access a carefully curated directory of member businesses for networking and collaboration.


Job Opportunities

Stay ahead with exclusive job
boards and openings.



Unlock perks and discounts for fitness, coaching, hospitality, and more.

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Be Part of the Influential Network

Meet women at all stages of life and career who, like you, are defining success on their terms. Crunchmoms is a trusted, confidential space that bridges the gap between motherhood and career ambitions. Join us in person or online to learn, connect and grow together.

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Annual Summit

Led by the region's most influential and empowered minds, our two-day summit is a catalyst for real conversations and change in the professional world. It's a conference created by women for professionals, fostering tangible progress for women in the region.

Your Career Evolution Begins Here

Ready to embark on a journey of inspiration, confidence and connection? Request membership today. Questions? WhatsApp us.

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Coaching & Mentorship

At Crunchmoms, we believe in your potential. Through coaching and mentorship, gain personalized guidance to overcome challenges and reach your goals.

Boardroom discussions, inspiring talks and skill workshops

Immerse yourself in a dynamic array of weekly events curated to enrich your professional skills, expand your network, and foster meaningful connections with like-minded women in the UAE.

Exclusive Invites

Forge deeper connections in intimate settings. Join fellow women over delightful meals, creating bonds that extend beyond the boardroom.

Wellness, Business & Lifestyle Perks

Unlock exclusive perks with voucher discounts, member-only resources, and surprises designed to enhance your career and personal growth.

Member Benefits

A whole lot, but it’s all about what YOU want. 

Direct connections to community members

Direct connections to community members

Highly vetted professional networking

Highly vetted professional networking

Unlimited access to inspiring talks and meetups

Unlimited access to inspiring talks and meetups

Special deals and discounts to your favorite brands and professional tools

Special deals and discounts to your favorite brands and professional tools

Exclusive job board

Exclusive job board

Trusted communications

Trusted communications

Gain new skills

Gain new skills

Mentorship & coaching

Mentorship & coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Crunchmom?
    We define a crunchmom as a woman driven by success, understanding that it’s all about balance and boundaries. Crunchmoms was created for all women – moms and aspiring moms – to help them find time and space to invest in themselves.
  • Great, how do I sign up?
    Easy! Sign up for our basic membership to get access to information about the Crunchmoms Community and limited access to the member’s area. Connect with us on Instagram or send a good, old-fashioned email to We’re starting out in the Middle East but welcome members from all over the world.
  • Do I need to pay to be a member?
    We offer a monthly or annual membership that gets you unlimited access to our talks and events, and we’re planning to introduce value-packed upgrades in the near future. Our aim is to promote real female-led growth in the Middle East and beyond, so we’re looking at different ways to make that happen.
  • What do you offer members?
    A whole lot, but it’s all about what YOU want. If you’re seriously considering a new job, we’ll give you access to exclusive talks for career-enhancing tips and tricks, and introduce you to other moms who can help provide the boost you need. If you want to open your own business and be your own boss, we’ll connect you to our star startup moms. We’re going back to basics, emphasising one-to-one connections within the Crunchmoms community of talented moms who are making it happen. We’re ALL here for you.
  • Where can I find you?
    We host regular events every Monday at Tania’s Teahouse from 9:30 to 11 am, where members can co-work, listen to talks from the best in the business, or simply get connected to other amazing crunchmoms….and we have so much more lined up for you in 2022, so watch out for updates!
  • Are kids allowed at your meetups?
    We really want you to use our time together to invest in yourself but of course, your children are always welcome. We’re still searching for kid-friendly co-working spaces so, at the moment, there’s limited entertainment for little ones.
  • Are you open to collaborations?
    Of course. We’re always open to new ideas, partnerships and collaboration opportunities. We’re passionate about helping others, so if you feel the same, drop us a line at
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