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Job Title
Experience Led Business Leader
Based In
Dubai (Jumeriah Village Circle)
Interested in
Who I am in one sentence
Someone who 'think' from 'heart'
Top three work highlights
- Retail Commercial Manager for Expo 2020
- Department head of Level Shoes (looking after 55+ brands)
- Lingerie Stylist
My challenge when it comes to staying on track with career growth while managing a family
I have spent my last 11 years working in front-end Retail. That means being present on all weekends & public holidays. I never planned a holiday on EID break and worked every 31st Dec and 1st Jan. This has impacted my personal life way too much.
My Greatest Superpower
I am a certified lingerie stylist. That sounds exciting right? But the most exciting part is that can see you and guess your bra size :) It's called 'Fit by eye'
My Goal

Sireesha Venkata

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