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Job Title
Freelance PR consultant
Based In
Dubai - U.A.E.
Interested in
Who I am in one sentence
A creative and efficient PR specialist that knows exactly where to invest your money in for bang for buck.
Top three work highlights
- The full package - I am an incredible storyteller and copywriter that is also well-networked and gets that that there should be sound strategy to support
- Secured over 30 media on ground for the PR launch of the Hindu Temple Jebal Ali
- Handled the PR for incredible talent from stand up comedians, musical artists and actors
My challenge when it comes to staying on track with career growth while managing a family
Managing scaling up while balancing kids and health.
My Greatest Superpower
My ability to truly understand your journey and translate that in a way that other people can understand.
My Goal

Tope Akindude

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