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The best work-friendly spaces for moms in Dubai

Updated: Mar 23

Sometimes you just need to get away. Sure, the office is great but if you want to make the most of your WFH days, or simply keep the little ones engaged so you can finally start that proposal you’ve been putting off, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top five tried-and-tested work-friendly spaces in Dubai that will keep every latte-loving supermom satisfied.

1. Remaliya Cafè & Restaurant


Located in the gorgeous Dubai Ladies Club – which takes a beachy position by Jumeirah’s coastline – Remaliya Cafè & Restaurant is an achingly pretty spot. There’s plenty of natural light streaming through, adding to the clean, green aesthetics with pops of foliage and coffee table books dotted around. Fortunately for moms like us, Remaliya is on the Letswork network – the go-to remote working app is a lifesaver if you’re looking for coworking spaces. And, if you’ve got little ones in tow, you can take regular time outs in between meetings and calls to make the most of the beachside setting and children’s playground nearby.

We can’t stop raving about: the good food, great prices and outdoor seating.

2. Sanderson’s


Uplifting moods since 2021, Sanderson’s at Dubai Sustainable City is an eco haven with a nourishing heart. The feel-good menu delights with crunchy salads, creamy smoothie bowls, flavour-packed shakshouka and sandwiches done right. It’s got a wholesome community vibe that we can’t get enough of and with a dedicated play area with plenty of toys to distract the kids, you’ll be inspired to finally get down to business. The cafe is also near a beautiful park, sparkling pond and an animal farm, so you combine work with a little afternoon treat for the little ones. If you’re based in the capital Abu Dhabi, look out for Sanderson’s equally impressive sister venue in the Khalifa Park area.

We can’t stop raving about: Sanderson's feel-good setting that keeps us coming back for more.

3. Cafe Confetti

@cafe.confetti.dubaiThis is one cafe that moms with toddlers will love. Billed as a ‘kid-friendly cafe’, Cafe Confetti is a cozy spot that will put parents and children immediately at ease thanks to a packed play area filled with toys. The service matches the warm and homely setting, making it a great place to while away the day. Sure there’s plenty of gelato on the menu but there’s also German potato waffles with all the trimmings, healthy salads, freshly-made pasta, Italian flatbreads with lots of toppings and an incredible breakfast offering. More importantly, the coffee is perfect.

We can’t stop raving about: the kids area, which includes some great educational toys too.

4. WeWork

#weworkdubaiNew moms will want to sign up for WeWork, which boasts a location at the trendy One Central development near Downtown Dubai. More formal than a conventional cafe, the emphasis here is solely on staying productive thanks to private meeting rooms, high-speed Wi-Fi, phone booths for privacy and a green area on the outdoor balcony. In between the tasks at hand, you can feel at home with a private nursing room and a separate ‘wellness’ one just for moms, while the popular nursery in the same building is great if you're keen to drop older kids off. Only WeWork members can access the premises but it’s well worth it, especially if you work away from the office regularly.

We can’t stop raving about: the 'mother’s room' for nursing, complete with a refrigerator and sink for easy convenience.

5. The Nest


You’ve probably already heard about Woo-hoo! – the discovery-based wonderland for kids – but did you know that the venue also has a great cafe that you can work out of? Called The Nest, it has plenty of healthy bites, naughty treats and refreshing drinks to delight all ages. Woo-hoo! also has baby changing stations and nursing rooms, so both moms and little ones can enjoy a fun day out here minus the stress. Ask the team about their workshops for children and drop-off service too – that way, you can focus on your meeting knowing that your little ones are well taken care of.

We can’t stop raving about: The Toddler’s Treehouse at Woo-hoo! – a gallery specially designed for children under three.

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