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Startup Stories: Celeidh Cook of eco rascals

Updated: Mar 6

I wasn't going to rely on another business to generate my income after I was made redundant during my second pregnancy. We started working on eco rascals in late 2017, made our first sale in October 2018 and are now available in 20 countries! Tell us a bit about yourself and your business.

I'm Celeidh Cook. First and foremost wife to Sam and mum to three kids (4 years, 3 years and 18 months). I was made redundant during my second pregnancy in the UAE and decided that I wasn't going to rely on another business to generate my income anymore. We started working on eco rascals in late 2017 and, after a year of product design, branding, manufacturer sourcing, we made our first sale in October 2018.

What inspired you start eco rascals?

Eco rascals started as a passion project with my co-founder Kristina Williams. We wanted to ensure that the Middle East market could easily access organic products for their children without the hefty import fees that were too often levied against products we loved. My co-founder has a background in finance and mine is marketing – so we thought we were a match made in heaven for a business, but we soon learnt we needed to have a lot more skills!

Did you anticipate it becoming a success so quickly?

We had no idea how successful eco rascals was going to be. We knew that we wanted it to be a popular brand and always said we'd reinvest the entire first year of profits into marketing – so we had some clue to what we were doing. Instagram has really been a great source of business for us. I think the turning point was investing in a trade show in Germany last September. From there, we kind of put ourselves on the map for a number of retailers and distributors worldwide.

How did you find a manufacturer? Was there a deciding factor for your choice?

We personally believe there is only one way to find your manufacturer – and that is to visit. This is trickier now due to Covid-19 but I do believe you need to spend hours on video calls getting to know not only the sales team but the management of the factory itself. We selected our manufacturer due to the fact that they had the highest quality of goods and the highest standard for safety and employees.

When did you officially set up your business?

We launched in October 2018. The goods had been delayed a few weeks and ended up arriving while I was in Scotland for my sister-in-law's wedding. Kristina had to manage the delivery of all the goods herself which wasn't ideal – but I was seven months pregnant with my third at the time, so probably wouldn't have been too helpful. Kristina and I are neighbours in Abu Dhabi so we love to celebrate each milestone from number of followers, number of sales and to 'influential' people posting or messaging us.

What advice do you have for moms that have a business idea?

We definitely recommend finding someone to do it with. Also, make sure your partners are on board as it's a lot of late nights and weekends.

We noticed that you write all the recipes on the Eco Rascals website. Where do you get your inspiration?

Cooking has always been a passion for Kristina and I. Kristina's son Max has severe CMPA so we are always looking to adapt recipes, but still make them tasty. We've been blessed with children that eat, which helps!

What’s next for eco rascals or Celeidh? Do you have other business ideas you’re keen to explore soon?

Eco rascals has some amazing new products in the pipeline which we're looking forward to launching. We're also looking to move into other 'categories' so watch this space! In terms of other business ideas – I might have them but I simply wouldn't have the time to work on them at the moment. eco rascals is like having a fourth baby and it needs focus and nuture to ensure it 'grows'.

For more information and to shop for the best children's tableware products, visit: ecorascals.com

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