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New beginnings: tips to brand yourself for the workforce

Updated: Mar 6

Moms are you ready to plug back into the Matrix? Brand strategist and coach Stefania Brunori is here to help. Brunori has worked with leading companies and entrepreneurs, including the likes of Startupbootcamp, Techstars and Nokia. Here she shares how moms can build their own personal brand and get back into the job market.

What is personal branding?

It is the way to market yourself: your unique combination of skills, experience and personality. It’s really important to highlight the part of ‘personality’. In a world that has become more and more digital, it’s key to be able to transmit who you are online – which is your uniqueness, and why someone would prefer to hire you over someone else.

Why is personal branding important, especially for moms who have been out of job for a while?

  • In 65% of the cases when searching online, a recruiter is going to decide if they take your application to the next stage based on what they see online.

  • In 80% of the cases, recruiters value soft skills as much as your experience, as well as your practical skills. Which means that they need to have a glimpse of your personality as soon as they get to your profile.

  • Current high levels of competition in the market makes it even more difficult to stand out. The earlier you can identify your uniqueness, and how you stand apart from the rest of the competitors, the better. And it will be easier for recruiters to know they have to hire you over other candidates.

Four tips to implement for your next job search:

1. Self ‘audit'

As you’ve been out of job for a while, you need to reconnect with your main strengths. Sometimes it helps to ask people you trust about the aspects that make you unique. This will help craft your personal brand and you’ll know how to present yourself in a way that stands out.

2. Consistency

Whatever content you create needs to be regular. Sharing your main message in a consistent way builds trust in your audience and therefore in recruiters too.

3. Visibility

We live in an online world, and you need to be visible though your social media channels. Some examples are by creating new content or re-using existent content in a way that shows both your personality and your experience.

4. Network

Reconnect with people from your industry, and collaborate with them so your message will be amplified. You have a certain audience that you can reach, but by networking with other individuals your message can reach further and faster.

For more information, visit: stefaniabrunori.com

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