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LinkedIn 101: How to secure your dream job

Updated: Mar 23

In our continuing LinkedIn series, expert job search coach Michele Ross shares essential tips on how motivated women can get out of their professional rut and find their dream opportunity.

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There are multiple facets to looking for a job. Most people generally reach out to their professional network to let them know they're looking for a new position and then apply for positions as they're posted.

Job seekers often take a broader approach and apply to a high volume of postings hoping that someone will reach out. Having a job search strategy allows for a more narrowed focus, keeping in mind your final goals – i.e., specific company, promotion, re-entering the workforce, etc. It also allows y

ou to be intentional with your time, versus being busy all day looking for a job.

According to CNBC, "research shows that 70% of all jobs are not published on job sites, and as much as 80% of jobs are filled through personal and professional connections." Creating a strategy narrows the focus to save time and to be intentional and specific to get that ideal position.



#1: Be selective

Most people have a top list of organizations they'd like to work with no real long-term plan on how to get to where they want to be. Be very selective on where you apply or market yourself.

#2: Be intentional

Be very intentional with your time, your efforts, and your plan. Invest in a coach that can help guide you through big life decisions, help you decide on future education or certifications, and design a plan to get you to where you want to be.

#3: Practice your interview skills

If you're going to invest time and effort to find your dream job, the last thing you want to do is flop during the interview. With increasing supply and demand issues, an interview can be the final thing that sets you apart.

If possible, practice interviewing with real companies before reaching out to your most desired companies to work for. Invest in training to learn how to answer tricky interview questions and ask impactful questions strategically.

#4: Invest in yourself

It's incredible to think that so many people stop investing in themselves after college! Growth in careers takes experience, but it always takes time for higher education, certifications, coaching, and training.

By investing in yourself, as you climb the corporate ladder, the competition gets fierce,. You must find the things that will make you stand out not just personality-wise, but also through experience and qualifications.

Investing in a coach to improve your interview skills has one of the best ROIs outside of enhancing qualifications.

If you'd like to level up in the workplace, get in touch with Michele Ross and don't forget to register for her Connect with Crunchmoms virtual talk on Sunday, 21 February at 12 noon.


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