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Talking moms and marketing with Hanson Search's Alice Weightman

Alice Weightman is the founder and CEO of Hanson Search, an award-winning headhunting consultancy specializing in marketing and communications. She also recently founded a tech platform, The Work Crowd, when she noticed a major shift in the way people wanted to work, especially mothers. As a then single mother growing her business, Alice looks back on everything she's achieved in her career and how far the industry has evolved.

Tell us about your experience in the marketing and communications industry.

I developed a foundation for communications and marketing when I launched my first business Alice and Astrid, a luxury nightwear company – it gave me an understanding of the importance of developing a brand and getting your story out there. A journalist featured us in the Sunday Telegraph and it was a real door opener to the high-end stores!

Since then and for the past 20 years I h