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#IamRemarkable: helping women celebrate wins in the workplace

Updated: Apr 14

Lamisse Muhtaseb, an HR expert and proud mom of two girls, has led and developed a number of initiatives that help women thrive in the workplace. Currently Deloitte Middle East's HR Director for the financial advisory business, she also runs empowerment workshops across the region as a Google #IamRemarkable facilitator.

Ahead of her exclusive workshop for crunchmoms in the workplace on 28 February and 18 April, Lamisse shared some insights into her journey.

Can you tell us about #IamRemarkable and the work it does?

#IamRemarkable is a Google initiative empowering women and other underrepresented groups to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond. It takes participants through research and scenarios, and encourages them to think about their accomplishments and tell their story.

What made you decide to become an #IamRemarkable facilitator?

I attended a workshop and not only did I find it helpful and fun, I felt it was a great way to complement other efforts being made on helping women to thrive in the workplace. What I really like is the inclusive nature of it. After I attended the workshop, I went to visit the Google office to learn more and following that, I signed up to be trained as a facilitator.

In your opinion, what are the main challenges working moms face today? I think there are a few but one thing that stands out to me are our self-limiting beliefs. I am not saying we are the problem but we definitely have to be part of the solution...

Can you share what you’ve learned along your journey with #IamRemarkable?

I have learned a lot about myself because listening to the challenges and perspectives of others really makes you reflect. Sharing stories and talking about our achievements is a valuable part of growing and learning, and provides a sense of support.

What can businesses do to support working moms?

Have more of them! Then support and sponsor them to achieve more.

Can you share any advice/tips for working moms who may be facing challenges in their workplaces?

Find someone you can talk to, perhaps someone who can act as a mentor....everyone should have someone they can count on.

Sometimes it's also worth looking at new opportunities to grow and celebrate wins along the way. So, for example, consider joining the upcoming #IamRemarkable workshop for the crunchmoms community.

The workshop will follow the framework of discuss, practice and go home strong. We'll first discuss the data and research about self-promotion and unconscious biases, practice exercises to help articulate our achievements, and then go home stronger in how we represent ourselves.

Register for the Google x Crunchmoms #IamRemarkable at work virtual edition on Sunday 28th February from 12 to 2 pm.

Register for the Google x Crunchmoms #IamRemarkable in-person edition on Sunday 18th April from 10 am to 12 pm at Remaliya Cafe & Restaurant.


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