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Top 20 resources to manage motherhood in the UAE

Updated: Mar 6

Here at Crunchmoms, we understand that parenthood can be a juggling act between balancing work/life and finding some well-deserved ‘me time’. But you can hack your way there with our list of services, apps and useful resources – all just a click away.

Groceries & Family Essentials

  • Kibsons is a great app to shop for fresh and organic fruit, vegetables, meat, and dairy. They have a wide selection of imported and local produce that comes from sustainable sources, and it provides a nifty same-day delivery option for free!

  • The Carrefour app is a useful tool to have in your time-saving toolbox. You can shop thousands of products from the Now Express Delivery service and have your items delivered within hours. Also, the more you shop, the more rewards points you get.

  • BulkWhiz is a bulk shopping website that operates on the same concept as Costco i.e. bulk buying equals bulk savings. It also has a clever feature of making a recurring shopping list that puts your grocery needs on autopilot. So, all you have to do is checkout.

  • Instashop is another great app that displays all the grocery stores geographically close to you, and will typically deliver your items in an hour. It also allows you to track your order and call the store if you need to add any items once you’ve placed it.

  • HelloChef is a wonderful service where you can sign up for weekly meal plan deliveries. The ingredients for each recipe are hand-picked, and dishes take around 30 minutes to prepare. Not only does this reduce runs to the store, but it also eliminates waste from unused groceries sitting in your fridge.

Online Shopping

  • Mumzworld.com has the widest selection of mother, baby and child products making it the one-stop-shop. With a quick same-day delivery service, shopping for all your baby essentials is easy and hassle-free.

  • Sprii is a great app for on-the-go moms. Sprii recently launched the Sprii Supermarket where busy moms can shop cleaning, personal care, and diapering essentials for bargain prices. And, the cherry on top? Free shipping!

  • Amazon is another great motherhood source for furniture, gear, toys and books for your little ones. The Amazon Prime service can be a lifesaver if you’re hunting for a last-minute present for a kid’s birthday party.

  • Ikea. Who doesn’t love Ikea? Their line of children’s room furniture is both whimsically colorful and extremely functional. You can find everything you need for setting up your first nursery or re-doing an older child’s bedroom.

  • Helwa finds you discount coupons for your favorite online stores and automatically inserts them at checkout. It’s completely free and saves you money. Helwa can be used at Namshi, Mumzworld, Mamas & Papas, Noon, Carrefour and a whole lot more!

Community Groups

  • Crunchmoms Facebook Group is a private group for like-minded business moms to connect over careers and family. Crunchmoms' mission is to build a community of bold women with ambition.

  • Real Mums of Dubai (RMD) is a Facebook group of moms based in the UAE. It aims to provide a safe space for mothers where they can get support through their entire journey of motherhood.

  • Dirham Stretchers is a useful Facebook group that recommends shopping deals, recipes, electricity, and water-saving tips, and DIY hacks to help members save money and stretch every dirham!

  • The Original Mary Poppins can help you find maids and nannies in the UAE through a completely hassle-free process. It's the largest community for hiring nannies in the UAE.

  • Find your own neighborhood community group on Facebook like Dubai Marina Mums, JLT Mums Dubai, JBR Mums Dubai or Downtown Mums. Most districts will have a dedicated community page filled with advice, meetups and useful tips on making the most of family time.

Health & Wellness

  • Hawaiian Hush Home Spa is an amazing service that brings the experience of a Hawaiian spa to the comfort of your own home. It's the perfect way to squeeze in some relaxation time.

  • A prenatal yoga class at studios like Shimis in Alserkal Avenue can feel great and help you stay calm during and after pregnancy. It also serves as a reminder to take a break, and safely stretches and strengthens muscles.

  • Using a meditation app like Calm or Headspace helps manage stress, anxiety, and improve sleep patterns. Setting aside a few minutes every day to breathe and recharge can go a long way in improving quality of life.

  • The Wonder Weeks is an award-winning app that helps parents keep track of their baby’s mental development. It also explains why your baby may be fussy, crying or sleeping poorly as the weeks go by.

  • Sandra Sharpe is a wonderful functional medicine health coach that helps busy women – whether pre and postnatal – to lead healthier lifestyles through nutrition and wellness.

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