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Business bites with Be More Keto’s Nyma Peracha

Updated: Mar 22

Who is Nyma and what is Be More Keto?

I was born and raised in London. My heritage is Pakistani. I moved to Dubai over eleven years ago for work and met my husband two years later. We’ve been married for close to seven years. Since then I became a mother to a beautiful little girl and launched my own business when she was a year old.

I have always been a fitness enthusiast and have been interested in leading a somewhat healthy lifestyle. Having followed a ketogenic diet for over four years, I decided to follow my passion and share all the benefits keto has given me mentally and physically. We launched Be More Keto last October having no idea that COVID-19 would become the global crisis that it has. The pandemic has been such an eye-opener for so many of us – health is wealth when it comes down to it. Once people began to see the impact of the virus and how important a good immune system and healthy lifestyle was to fight the coronavirus, it was clear that a keto diet could assist in that dramatically. As a result, the business has been profitable within a year of its launch for which I am very proud and grateful!

Advice on starting a business and finding the right partner

Take one day at a time, one step at a time, and set yourself realistic goals.

Don’t beat yourself up if you’re having a bad day, week, or month. Just always remember that hard work pays off! Create a daily routine and stick to it. Block times during the day where you generally do the same tasks and get them done. I guarantee a schedule will not only allow you to keep yourself productive but also it will keep you accountable for all things important. As a mother of an energetic little toddler, 'multitasking' is key (and becomes second nature to us all)! A routine will help you streamline your day and help you balance work and family time.

My advice is to be partners with someone who is the professional yin to your yang. For example, try and find a partner who compliments your strengths and enhances your weaknesses. There is no shame in knowing your skills and shortcomings. This makes it so much clearer as to what you can bring to the table and what you would require your business partner to bring to the table.

Nyma’s tips for health & fitness

The keto diet is actually ideal for busy moms. I love that I can eat a meal and remain full and satisfied for hours after that. This means I can get on and be more productive without having to take snack breaks all the time!

When it comes to fitness, don’t over commit – set realistic goals. Remember every step counts. Start small and make that a routine and then slowly and gradually set yourself bigger goals and targets. Also, any activity is better than no activity.

It’s certainly not always easy, but then again nothing worth having in life is!


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